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Wind Power


Petrochemical Industry


Civil Aviation Industry

EST is committed to the promotion and R&D of renewable energy technologies, Driven by scientific and technological innovation, Introduce international advanced technology and combine with many years of rich experience in wind power control, Develop a centralized control system with independent intellectual property rights、 Pitch system、PPM system、Intelligent integrated operation and management platform as one of the three generations of Windrunner products.Form perfect R&D、 Industrial chain of production,sales and after-sales service,Provide users with safe,reliable and efficient overall clean energy solutions.

WMⅢ-Main Control System


  • Doubly fed, direct drive and semi direct drive wind turbine
  • Main control system overall solution
  • Reconstruction scheme of main control system of wind farm
  • Development and transformation capability of mainstream controller platform
  • WMⅢ-Pitch System


  • Land 2.x-5.xMW
  • Sea 7.x-15.xMW
  • Integrated pitch overall solution
  • Retrofit scheme of pitch system in wind farm

  • WMⅢ-PPM System


  • Wind farm monitoring, centralized monitoring
  • Intelligent diagnosis, intelligent operation and maintenance
  • Based on B / s software architecture, modularization and SOA design
  • Linux / Windows operating system, cross platform deployment

  • Introduce foreign advanced technology to provide solutions for petrochemical industry

    EST has been involved in the petrochemical industry for more than 20 years,Rich experience in petrochemical, civil aviation, natural gas pipeline industry to provide solutions

    For the recovery of oil and gas from the tank top, from the nitrogen sealing system to the collection and treatment, an overall scheme is provided to ensure the intrinsic safety and efficient recovery of the tank.

    A complete set of solutions for HMT floating plate and floating oil suction device imported from the United States, Ensure the quality of oil in storage tank and strictly control the volatility of oil, greatly reduce environmental emissions.

    The advanced LNG sampling and analysis system technology of the Netherlands is introduced for receiving sampling and analysis of LNG from ships and tankers, It adopts unique subcooling protection technology to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of sampling, and has a lot of achievements in foreign countries.


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    company Profile

    EST was founded in 1996 with its American headquarters located in New York and Chinese headquarters located in Shanghai. EST provides high-tech products and solutions in wind power, nuclear power, chemical industry, aviation oil and environmental protection for customers all over the world, with branches in Denmark, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Suzhou, Cheng Du, Da Lian, Tian Jin,Shen Zhen, GanSu, Guang Zhou and Xin Jiang. Vision    →    With technology and i…


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